DIY…are these projects only about saving money?

I love sewing and quilting…basically, if I can make it myself whether it’s a tote, gloves, scarf or curtains, I’m all in!!!

Some would argue that it is cheaper to “buy” these items than to make them. I can’t disagree there. BUT, what is it about making something that could potentially cost more??? With some projects, is it more about saving money rather than spending more???

I’ve pondered this recently as my daughter asked me to make rod pocket curtains for my grandson’s room (he is a big Saints fan). After she bought the material (main fabric only), I clearly realized, we could have ordered it from a website for a lot less! That thought quickly disappeared at the idea of creating something “handmade” – something special that my grandson and future generations can say, “my grandmother/great-grandmother made these curtains”!

Yes, it’s the love of creating something, being creative, putting your own spin on it, giving it that special touch only you can give. And last but not least…bragging rights!

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